Albergo Le Sorgenti

The Hotel Le Sorgenti is a lovely hotel, situated in the heart of Chianciano Terme spa district, and it is the ONLY ONE just ACROSS THE STREET from the Parco Acqua Santa's entrance.
Within the park, there are both the traditional and famous Acqua Santa spring, which is therapeutic for liver disorders, and the brand new Sensory Spa building, a high quality and excellent Spa, based on a new concept of wellness.

Besides, the Hotel Le Sorgenti is located 50 meters from the entrance to Parco Fucoli, home of "Palamontepaschi".
This new conference center is which can easily host high-level music events as well as conferences.

Founded in 1922 by the Morviducci family, Le Sorgenti was one of the first hotels in Chianciano and it has been run by the same family ever since. Even today, run by the family's third generation, the hotel provides its guests with a truly professional yet friendly approach and takes great care in making their stay as pleasant as possible faithful to the family long tradition.

With its 72 rooms, the structure takes advantage of a unique location, because it is surrounded by spa, parks and gardens.
Hotel Le Sorgenti guarantees a perfect silence to its guests, despite the position in the commercial heart of Chianciano. Moreover, the hotel offers a large, private car park, and, thanks to the numerous bus stops nearby public transport is at hand.

The restaurant, which is personally run by the owners, offers an excellent traditional cuisine, tasty, rich and never redundant. The wide choice of solutions for a healthy and balanced diet is perfectly in line with the health-enthusiast philosophy, that has been the fortune of Chianciano Terme for over 100 years.

The recipes, collected and elaborated over 90 years of cooking, range from the Tuscan tradition of land and sea dishes, to international food, exclusively prepared with seasonal products and preferably regional ingredients.

The cellar offers a wide selection of local wines, selected among the best wineries in the area: from the Chianti Classico to the Brunello di Montalcino and the Nobile di Montepulciano, with true vintage gems, which are difficult to find on the market. Even the choice of drinking waters has been conceived in order to optimize the healing properties of thermal treatments at the table: the Sant'Elena water is very light, ideal for the treatment of kidney stones, and it comes from a local spring. Each floor of the hotel is easily accessible with the elevator, in order to avoid stairs to those who prefer so.

The kitchen can provide, upon request full menus for those who have special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) or food intolerance (celiac disease, etc.).

Room service is free.

Languages spoken: Italian, English, French, German.